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September Bridal Gown Sale!

Our September Bridal Gown Sale is not to be missed! You can find a beautiful designer gown, come in under budget, and walk right out the door with it. Sound like a sample sale might be right for you? Check out the top three reasons to consider buying from the sale rack.

1. They’re On Time

Sample gowns don’t need to be ordered. You simply walk in, find your dream gown, and leave with it that day.

2. They’re On Budget

We’ve got designer gowns in excellent condition in a wide variety of styles and sizes for half off the original price or less!

3. They’re On Trend

We are constantly getting new bridal gowns in our stock inventory. That means we have a lot of variety, but not a lot of space. As new gowns make their way in, we need to make room. This constant rotation means that gowns that are put on sale are still in excellent condition and they are still stylish and beautiful.

Don’t miss out on the sale of the year, contact our showroom today to book your appointment 00350 200 68633