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Maiti Nepal Charity Fashion Show

Maiti Nepal work not only with rescue but also prevention and rehabilitation which are the key to end this crime.
At the gala, €12,000 was raised through the auction and raffle. Marianne Steneholm gave a talk addressing the issues females in Nepal are facing every day, and spoke about her own visits to the shelters in Kathmandu. The story of little Rohan, today 12 years old but rescued with his mum at the age of 4 from a brothel in India had the audience in tears. This aftermath of this successful gala created another €3000 of funds this first half of the week.

A special thanks to Diamond Occasions and Caroline Azzi who held a spectacular fashion show along with Little Divas fashion. Also to world famous Sheyla Bonnick (founder of Boney M) and local soprano singer Claire Hawkins for their performances. Tmar, RnB singer ended the night with getting all the guests up on the dance floor.

To learn a little more about the situation in Nepal, take the time to watch a short 5-minute video presented by Demi Moore by clicking here.
Anyone wanting to help with more donations or read more about Maiti Nepal and their work can visit: and